Vintage and Vinyl

Vintage and Vinyl

This store has an interesting collection of items ranging from vintage records, antique furniture, musical instruments and vintage collectibles. This store has been around for at least 10 years and has seen how people’s interest in products has changed over time.

Their Top 4 Products

Vintage and Vinyl has an collection of records some of which date back almost 100 years. Recently there was an article in the Toronto Star in May of 2014 which discussed the interest of artist and others in collecting vinyl records. It is a growing phenomenon and has taken vendors in the GTA by surprise as people are asking and buying vinyl records from artist from the 50 & 60’s etc.

Vintage and Vinyl has an assortment of furniture to satisfy the taste of the most finicky buyer. There are a wide assortment of glass cabinets, wooden chairs and tables that customers can choose from to make their homes look good.

Vintage and Vinyl also has an assortment of golf equipment for the sports lover who is looking for affordable set when he/she has to meet at a golf club for leisure or business.

Vintage and Vinyl also has a variety of eclectic products such as a propeller, miniature cars and   Star Trek models so there are virtually products that will satisfy even the most discernible collector



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