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One of the most interesting additions to the Fantastic Flea Market is a Mens and Women high end designer clothing store. The owner started this store from his home as an idea to sell new and barely used fashion clothing mostly at first for men. When you think about it, it’s not a farfetched idea.

When a man wants to buy high end clothing such as suits, shirts and ties we can literally count the number and rhyme the names of the stores. If you guessed Tip Top Tailors, Harry Rosen, Moores, Brooks Brothers,The Bay and Sears you are 100% correct. The second point is that if you want a Sergio Armani, Hugo Boss Canali , Danier, Gucci , Theory or Club Monaco suit or a style closest to it you are going to pay big bucks for it probably $300 and up. There have been cases where a Hugh Boss suit can easily go for $1500 not to mention the shirt, ties and shoes pushing the total close to $2000.Its easy to afford such clothing in good times. Not so much when people are becoming spendthrift in a tight slow growth economic environment.

When someone comes up with an Idea like SuitYourselfStyles, it would not take long for the word to get out. The business grew because the owner got a lot of referrals (while aggressively advertising) and had space to rotate stock so of barely new or used clothing in excellent condition, customers could get the latest fashion trends even if it’s is a year old.

SuitYourselfStyles did not only specialize in suits. Lots of men need clothing for business and casual wear. That means they need good dress pants, shirts, ties and sports jackets. One can easily spend $80 and walk away with 4 dress pants, a shirt and a tie.

Now SuitYourselfStyles also sells sweaters, jackets, wind jammers and hats not just for men, but also for women. GT Fashion is well aware of the fact that women are looking for deals in fashion and will tell others if they find a store that offers quality clothing at a great price.

GT Fashion is a great and wonderful addition to the mix of stores at the Fantastic Flea Market because it provides high end men’s and women’s fashion at a great price for business, casual or special occasion. It is located at Booth 54 in the Yellow room.


Suit Yourself Styles-Yellow 52


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