Chadwick Country Furniture’s and Collectables 

Chadwick Country Furniture’s and Collectables 

Chadwick Country is one of the longest serving furniture and collectible stores in the Fantastic Flea Market. This store has an interesting assortment of antique furniture,vintage collectibles, vinyl records and musical instruments

Chadwick Country is one of the few places in the Fantastic Flea market that has the space to accommodate antique furniture. You can buy shelves, chairs and table sets made of wood that are in good condition. The owner is located in an area of the flea market that allows you to take the product to the rear of the building and take it home in your car.There are glass and china sets that you can also purchase if you are interested in it.

The store carries a limited number of vinyl records mostly of vintage music of the 40’s to 70. However, if you need to purchase more of them, it’s better to get them at Dixie Records or Vinyl Vault.

The store has an interesting collection of 4 guitars that are mounted on the far wall of the business. They are in good condition and they are working properly. The owner carries a considerable amount music DVD usually compilation sets from past and current music artists.

Chadwick Country also has an assortment of golf equipment for the sports lover who is looking for affordable set when he/she has to meet at a golf club for leisure or business.

Lastly the best kept secret of the store is the considerable number of DVD moves and box sets from current and past TV and film shows.


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