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The Jump Off 

The Jump Off is one of several stores that sells clothes at the Fantastic Flea Market. One of its main selling points is that it caters to boys and men’s fashion that is hip, trendy and very urban.The main products that you will find at the store are jeans, jackets t-shirts and sweaters. What is interesting is that the logos on the clothing reflect either music groups, subculture ideas or phrases. Whatever they carry is never out of style as the owner probably checks the entertainment media, popular culture, popular music groups depending on what the customers likes so that customers do not buy out of trend fashion.

A key signature of most urban fashion stores in Mississauga are the baseball caps that they carry. You can be absolutely sure that the Jump Off will carry caps from popular hip hop and wrap stars not to mention new and upcoming artist from the top 40 list in Toronto. Many people buy these caps that reflects their cultural or sub-culture allegiance to a music star, city, brand logo or phrase and rightfully so. You should represent what you believe in on your clothing if you feel that you want to do so.

The Jump Off also carries in their store name brand jeans. In the past the two traditional jeans were Levis, Wranglers and guess for women. Now it would be nearly impossible to determine how many companies manufacture jeans for men and with it a multitude of styles too difficult to keep up to date on. Whatever you are looking for the Jump Off will have it.

The Jump Off also carries name brand sweaters and T-shirts. Believe it or not people still wear sweaters and the only difference between it and other companies is that it’s more modern than the traditional design that you may find at Hudson’s Bay, Tip Top Tailors and Moors. With regard to T-Shirts, everybody loves them because you can find one that reflects a music artist, product logo, phrase and organizations of every type such as NYPD, FDNY or even Toronto EMS.

T-shirts are so popular because they are appropriate for spring and summer weather and you can express yourself with any kind of message and not feel out of place. You can wear them in any kind of colour although people tend to have preferences such as a white T-shirt for business

Dress shirts are still in demand by men today. You may recall that in the past people were conditioned to only buy white shirts because people bought black and blue and grey suits. Now, people buy different colour shirts to match suits of different colour.

One issue of concern when it comes to men’s fashion is the difficulty of finding oversize clothing. There is significant societal pressure for men to lose weight and that means most of the clothing out there is for waist sizes of less than 38. Few stores in Toronto carry oversize clothing and you are covered there by the Jump off. The Jump Off is considered among the finest urban fashion store in Mississauga for any fleamarket in the GTA You can check out their landing page at



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