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Fantastic Snacks

The restaurant/snack bar at the Fantastic Flea Market has had quite an interesting history. At one time in its past it was a Polish restaurant that offered an extensive menu and had no shortage of customers. At another point in history it was managed by a group of people that offered a mixture of Italian and Canadian cuisine. Just recently it was a former Italian restaurant.

The restaurant offered different kinds of sandwiches such as chicken breast, sausages meatball and your regular hamburger. If you were really hungry and had enough space in your stomach, the larger dinner plate could solve the problem. You can buy coffee pop or juice for around   $1-2 each. You could get in the dinner plate (with rice) and with various side dishes chicken breast, sausages, meatball and hamburger. Every week there was always a special such as veal, stuffed red peppers and yes lasagna. Their most popular special was potato wedges. They are similar to French Fries that you buy in the store, but much thicker. The wedges are either dipped (in beef sauce) or baked first in the oven with the sauce applied later.

Recently the restaurant/snack bar had a change in management. The new owners, aware of the types of food that was offered in the past took a different approach.

The management of Fantastic Snacks designed a straightforward and easy to understand menu that could be served in 2-3 minutes. The emphasis was on high quality fresh food, good prices and quick and friendly service.

The lead item is a 2 hot dog special with a pop for $4 followed by a hamburger with a pop/water. They kept the traditional item such as a mild or hot Italian sausage with a pop/water. One sandwich which is a popular favorite with the vendors and customers at the flea market is the meatball sandwich with Italian sauce and Mozzarella cheese. All of the above items are served with fresh bread supplied from Oven Fresh Baking Co Ltd.

Fantastic Snacks offers coffee, latte and cappuccino as well as a wide variety of popular pops and water at affordable prices. There are also you traditional tea and green tea to satisfy choosy customers.

Fantastic Snacks (as well as other food vendors) in the Dixie Mall are under pressure to provide healthy foods such as salads. The snack bar has a selection of small or large Greek or garden salads all of which have fresh ingredients with a variety popular dressings.

There are also new specials such as the BLT (Bacon Lettuce & tomato) sandwich and chicken noodle soup with or without rice. If you want something small and filling you can try the Chicken pot pie.

Fantastic Snacks felt that customers wanted sandwiches with a variety of meats. Deli sandwiches pioneered by Jewish restaurants in North America are popular with many different  cultures. The snack bar offers Montreal smoked meat, Pastrami, corned beef and black forest ham sandwiches at great prices.

From time to time Fantastic Snacks tries to introduce variety in is menu list. This week it is offering mashed potatoes with sausage or meatballs with a choice of tomato sauce or beef sauce with a free pop and water.

So if you are shopping in the Dixie Mall and decide to visit the Fantastic Flea Market, look at the wall adjacent the door and check out the menu of Fantastic Snacks. It has fresh, great tasting food with an interesting selection that you may not find at the food court and at prices that won’t break your wallet. Check out the landing page at


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