Dixie Records

Dixie Records

The story of Dixie Records spans over 28 years and is among the first tenants of the Fantastic Flea Market. The owner Dan Kennedy had a regular job as a teacher 10 years before he started the store. His friend Bob Chamberlan,  owned a record store called Fiddle on Wall and he talked to him about leaving his profession to enter the music store business, but he did not have a collection to start off with

Through various communications channels he met a woman in Cincinnati, Ohio USA who had a collection of 1000 main stream rock and roll records and negotiated an agreement over a two week period. He collected the money to pay for it and drove 10 hours to pick it up only to find out that she sold it to someone else. He returned home to tell his wife Mary that the deal fell through, nevertheless she still encouraged him not to give up and open a store.

In July 1975 he sold his first set of 75 records at the Fantastic Flea Market in the Blue Room and never looked back. In the first 10 years of operation, Dan sold records and cassettes. He obtained his inventory by going to music stores in Toronto and buying inventory that could sell. After a time he started buying inventory from customers and vendors which he still does today. His store grew so big, it had to be relocated to the back of the Red Room

So much has changed at Dixie Records. When the compact disk was invented by Philips in 1979 it ushered the digital revolution in music. The CD became a household name and 20 years later he was selling them and DVD as the technology was adopted for video work. In 2013 he sells movies in the new Blue-Ray format that can hold 25-50 GB of music and video followed by DVD and vinyl records. Check out our website homepage at https://mississauga-fleamarket.org/

Dan was asked about the future of Dixie Records. His feelings were one of caution because content piracy has affected his business. People can download GB of music and movies and by pass the store. Where he does well is selling old movies, vinyl records of rock and roll music to the baby boom generation and entire TV series/movie sequels on blue ray and DVD. https://mississauga-fleamarket.org/2017/02/26/dixie-records-red-36/



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